Cleaning tables

We offer you wet processing area – optimally adapted to your requirements. Protective hoods and extraction systems are optional.

Cleaning tables individually customised

For the manual cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment, we offer wet processing areas optimally adapted to your needs. Depending on your requirements, we equip the table tops with built-in basins for pre-cleaning, disinfection and final rinsing – with ultrasonic support if desired.

For each basin, we provide suitable fittings, including dosing devices and cleaning guns that can be autoclaved. For the protection of the employees, we offer various protective hoods and suction systems. In order to meet ergonomic requirements, working heights are electro-hydraulically adjustable.

  • Cleaning tables with aerosol protection
  • Cleaning tables for endoscopy preparation with protective hood
  • Retrofit aerosol protection for existing cleaning tables

Cleaning tables with aerosol protection

One of our product highlights is Aerosol-Protect – the safety system for manual wet processing of medical products. Aerosols are sucked off and rendered harmless.

Upgrade of aerosol protection for existing cleaning tables

With our specially developed Jänchen AerosolProtect upgrade set you can equip unclean working areas where, for example, cleaning guns or a steam cleaner are used.

Cleaning tables for endoscopy processing with protective hood

Our cleaning tables with aerosol extraction especially for cleaning and disinfection of endoscopy devices.

References to cleaning tables

SThe design of our cleaning tables is as varied as the available work areas. We offer solutions for every space problem and support you in complying with the hygienic requirements resulting from the “Guideline for Validation of Manual Cleaning and Manual Chemical Disinfection of Medical Devices” (DGKH, DGSV, AKI, VAH), among others.