Tall cupboards

We offer the optimized cupboard system for every common stock system according to DIN, ISO and STE-standards.

Tall cupboards

Tall cupboards supply a maximum of storage while taking minimum space. For the storage of sterile and consumer goods, we offer tall cupboards that are tailored to your needs and room geometry – not the other way round. Whether cupboard layout, hinged door or pull-out – everything is adapted to the required dimensions. This means that no area remains unused.

Our stainless steel cupboards are particularly stable and durable due to their double-walled construction. The hinges and pull-out rails are designed for professional use. For the visual appearance, the fronts can be powder-coated according to RAL or individualized with a design foil.

  • Tall cupboards with apothecary pull-out
  • Tall cupboards with shelves
  • Tall cupboards with drawers on the outside
  • Tall cupboards with drawers on the inside
  • Tall modular cupboards
  • STE cupboards
  • Lockers

Tall cupboards with pharmacy drawers

For hanging storage of surgical instruments and accessories.

Tall cupboards with inserted drawers

Height-adjustable trays for storage of large-volume packaging units and accessories.

Tall cupboards with drawers on the outside

Quick access for tools and small pieces in various designs.

Tall cupboards with drawers on the inside

Space-saving storage of tools and small pieces. Easy to close with a revolving door for controlled access.

Tall modular cupboards

Standardised storage with modular cages according to ISO standard. Cupboard equipment with support walls and telescopic pull-outs of all manufacturers.


Space-saving storage of sterile goods units in container form. Perforated storage levels with full extension for ergonomic loading and unloading.

Locker cupboards

For the in- and outgoing transport of material in rooms with different cleanness classes.

References tall cupboards

The design of our functional cupboards is as varied as the available work areas. Height, width and depth are adapted. All-sided facings to the building – of course in hygienic design – are a standard feature.